What is Photography Design?

All too often the images that are used for web design are taken for granted. This is a common practice by both the site owners and the visitors. But when distinctions are made with the choices of images for design, these can be seen and can create a greater positive user experience.

Using Photography in Web Design

There are plenty of open stock images that can be used for web design. Much of which has been prepared by professional photographers or those that are very skilled at taking pictures. But custom photography makes a big difference because the ownership of it belongs to the photographer or the rights of it are given to the client ordering their images for their website.

Photography design requires the use of different forms of equipment. This can range from the simple digital cameras that are now so readily available and don’t require professional expertise for its use. Or more advanced photography equipment may be used which can be more expensive but these may allow for a higher calibre of photographs. Which is used is all going to depend on the requirements of the websites.

The Technicalities

Photography used for web design faces more challenges because the designer has many technical tasks to perform during the design stage of the website. Most often the photographs have to be adjusted for size and volume. This affects the layout as well as the speed that the site will load especially when there are a lot of images like those used on e-commerce sites. A knowledgeable photographer who is familiar with photography design will be aware of some of these technicalities and can take them into account during their photo shoots.

Examples of Photography Design

Almost any photo can be used for design, but of course, it should only be those that are pertinent to the business of the website. Some very common type of photographs that are used in the design are landscape photography which can be nicely used on a variety of different types of business sites and be linked in with the theme or brand of the business. These can be altered to contain text or be used as backgrounds as just one example.

Bringing Design and Photography Together

With the increasing value and importance of photography design coming to the forefront many designers are either expanding their skills to include photography or are teaming up with someone with expertise in this field. Those that choose to take on the photography tasks themselves have quite a commitment to make.

If they do not know then it means dedicating time to taking courses and them building up some experience. This added to their duties of having to create the design has to be done in a cost-effective manner. For this reason, many choose to team up with a second individual that is willing to devote their time to the photography duties. This type of partnership can lead to a lucrative business for all those involved.